What's a good printer that's cheap on ink?

Episode 1150 (1:00:19)

Donald from Lion, IL
Printer ink

Donald would like to find a printer that's really good with ink. Leo says that companies don't really care about selling printers anymore, which is why they're so cheap. They make up the money with ink. Ink per gallon is one of the most expensive fluids around. They won't let consumers use third party cartridges, and they actually use circuitry to prevent it. It requires special formations of ink to print it out. And much of the ink doesn't get used on the page.

If Donald does a lot of printing, a laser printer is by far the better option. Brother makes an affordable model, but Epson is Leo's favorite. They do have color lenses, but it's "business" color. If he wants photos, he'd have to go with InkJet.

Consumer Reports has a printer guide that's a bit out of date, but it may be helpful. Leo says that Epson does a good job keeping ink costs down. PC Magazine says that Kodak is very stingy as well.

Leo also says that printer makers are realizing that people aren't thrilled with such ink prices.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor).