What are the benefits to having a Mac?

Episode 1150 (1:43:42)

Alan from Honolulu, HI
MacBook Pro with Retina display

Alan just got a 15" MacBook Pro, but he considers himself a geek and is wondering if this was really a good purchase. Should he switch? Leo says that OS X is far more secure, having been based on a pure UNIX system called BSD. It's important to note that he can also run Windows on it through Boot Camp. So when he boots up, he can choose Windows or OS X.

Having said that, Leo says he should use whatever he likes. A computer is a computer. Alan wants to know what to do with it if he chooses to get rid of it. Leo says he can sell it to Gazelle, or list it on eBay, but why not give it to his kid? There's great parental controls on the Mac to keep it safe and easy to use.