Why does my Nexus 5 have bad battery life with Lollipop?

Episode 1149 (56:02)

Mark from Los Angeles, CA
Google Nexus 5

Mark upgraded his Google Nexus 5 with Lollipop, but he's finding the battery life isn't as good. Leo says it should be, as there were significant changes designed to improved battery life like toning down the screen, and adjusting "wake locks" turning on everything to download email. Lollipop consolidates those into a group so they do it all at the same time. There could be other reasons and Leo recommends doing a device reset. He should also look for apps that wake up the phone and set them to never update unless he is using the app. Also, using navigation software will kill battery life as well.

According to the chatroom, there is an update to Android 5.0.1 that addresses the Nexus 5 battery life issue. Mark is also wondering about chargers -- will a 2 amp charger make a difference? Leo says it depends on the phone and it will only take as much juice as it needs. So it may help.