What's a good, small HD monitor for a truck cabin?

Episode 1149 (1:04:24)

Gary from North Dakota
Blackmagic 8" SmartView Duo

Gary likes to play with Raspberry Pi computers and would like to get the smallest UltraHD screen he can for the sleeper in his truck. Leo says that's a great project for a trucker to play with. Leo says that the Raspberry Pi computers are great and for $35, they're dirt cheap and great for the hobbyist.

Leo uses the Blackmagic 8" SmartView UltraHD screens, but they aren't cheap. They are broadcast quality monitors that are 4K. He can also get dual 8" displays. They're rackable, which could be good for his truck cab. They take SDI, so he'll need an adapter, but that won't be expensive.

He can also use his iPad as a second screen with an app called Duet Display.