What's the best lightweight solar charger for my phone?

Episode 1149 (1:31:35)

Wayne from Hemmit, CA
Goal Zero Switch 8

Wayne is going to hike the Pacific Trail, which is about 2,700 miles. He has an iPhone 4 but he needs a charger for it that is both lightweight, portable, and self sustaining. Leo says that he got his son a solar charger, but Wayne needs to understand that they're not terribly efficient and an all day charge may get only get him few hours of phone time.

The Goal Zero Switch 8 solar recharging kit is about $100 from REI. Another interesting idea is a hydrogen fuel cell. But that needs fuel to start the reaction. He may also want to check out the Flame Stower, which is a stove that allows him to cook and charge his phone at the same time! There's also a hand crank radio that will allow him to charge the phone.