How can I connect my HDTV into my existing sound system?

Episode 1149 (19:43)

Steve from Mill Valley, CA
Pioneer bookshelf speakers

Steve got a new TV and he wants to integrate it into his sound system. Leo says that the centerpiece of the modern era is the TV, and we're trying to duplicate the experience with surround sound. Leo says that the existing receiver will probably not work. Steve will need an A/V receiver. He doesn't want rear speakers, though. Leo says Steve at least needs a subwoofer and a center channel. He should get the TV at eye level and have the speakers on either side of it. He could use a "phantom" center speaker. Not nearly as good, but it will do the job.

Scott Wilkinson says that he won't want to cheap out on a center channel, though, because most of the dialogue comes from it. He'll want it to be the same tonal signature as the main L/R speakers. Steve doesn't have to start over with the speakers, but he should find another similar speaker that he has for the center channel and definitely get a new A/V Receiver. What about a non powered sound bar? Leo says he wouldn't do that. He already has good speakers to build on. There's no need to forsake them for the pseudo-surround experience of a sound bar. If he's going to do that, go Dolby 5.1 and get the surround speakers. The Pioneer sound bar SPSB23W is pretty good though. There's also Pioneer bookshelf speakers, SP-BS21-LR. They're not too expensive and work really well.

Leo has two sound systems set up in the house. He uses the Aperion 5.1 system, and Emotiva. Both made in the US, and are high quality. Sell direct for affordability. Leo's very happy with them, especially the Aperion. Scott agrees but also adds the Energy speakers - The Energy Take Classic System. Tiny speakers with a subwoofer. The chatroom also suggests Dayton Audio.