What is a good video card for editing music?

Episode 1148 (49:29)

Dan from Bakersfield, CA
XFX R7-240A-CLF2

Dan has a 24" screen because he's into music recording. Should he buy a new video card? Leo says not for that screen. At 1920x1080, any video card is going to handle it. Leo says that the processor and RAM are more important for editing music than a video card. But it he requires a set manufacturer like Nvidia, a low end card will work just fine.

Dan should check out PCPer.com and look at the hardware leaderboard. It'll show him the best low end video card. The XFX R7-240A-CLF2 is only $50 and he can run in tandem by getting two of them (called "crossfiring") if he really wants to.