How can I get rid of malware on my new PC?

Episode 1148 (10:44)

Ryan from Maui, HI
Dell Inspiron 1440

Ryan has a new Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop and he's managed to get a virus on it. Leo's guessing that it's due to downloading a mod for Minecraft, and it's likely Conduit. This isn't technically malware, but it's still annoying to get rid of. Leo's been there and he can get rid of it.

Ryan should go into Add/Remove programs and uninstall everything he can. Leo says that AntiVirus software can't protect him from his own behavior. He'll have to be very careful when he's downloading and installing things and pay attention to what may be coming along with it. Leo also recommends backing up his data and then using the Windows 8 restore feature to get it back to the factory default, then run all of the updates. He should just run as a standard user, not an administrator. This will force him to input the admin password before installing something he shouldn't.