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Watch Ryan from Maui, HI Comments

Ryan has a new Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop and he's managed to get a virus on it. Leo's guessing that it's due to downloading a mod for Minecraft, and it's likely Conduit. This isn't technically malware, but it's still annoying to get rid of. Leo's been there and he can get rid of it.

Ryan should go into Add/Remove programs and uninstall everything he can. Leo says that AntiVirus software can't protect him from his own behavior. He'll have to be very careful when he's downloading and installing things and pay attention to what may be coming along with it. Leo also recommends backing up his data and then using the Windows 8 restore feature to get it back to the factory default, then run all of the updates. He should just run as a standard user, not an administrator. This will force him to input the admin password before installing something he shouldn't.

Watch Rick from Akron, OH Comments

Rick is getting an error message that he's lost his Wi-Fi connection. Leo says it's a common issue with Wi-Fi. It's not malware because the last thing malware would want is to get him offline. Malware these days is about making money off of him, and that means it has a vested interest in keeping him online.

When Rick rebooted, the Wi-Fi light on his router wasn't on. He did a system repair which fixed it. Leo says that the router may have chosen a congested channel and as such, he may be just getting knocked off. It may also be an issue with a recent update.

This is why a Wi-Fi analyzer is helpful. Leo recommends checking out NetageekInSSIDer for tips on how to change the router channel and how to diagnose Wi-Fi issues. He may also need to get a repeater to boost his Wi-Fi signal. But make sure it's made from the same company as the router.

Watch Michael from San Diego, CA Comments

Michael has a ThinkPad with Windows 7 installed and he needs to put it in XP mode to run a few programs. How can he do that? Leo says to use the F2 key to get into BIOS and it's all about timing. But the logo may be in the way, and that requires hitting the escape key.

Alex, the TWiT Windows expert says that pressing the blue ThinkVantage button on boot up will get him to a BIOS menu.

Watch Max from Milpitas, CA Comments

Max wants top sandbox his computer so that others can use it without messing it up. Leo says that Sandboxie is a good option. But he can also just have people run as standard users. Or he could create a guest account and give them limited access.

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Watch Dan from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Dan has a 24" screen because he's into music recording. Should he buy a new video card? Leo says not for that screen. At 1920x1080, any video card is going to handle it. Leo says that the processor and RAM are more important for editing music than a video card. But it he requires a set manufacturer like Nvidia, a low end card will work just fine.

Dan should check out and look at the hardware leaderboard. It'll show him the best low end video card. The XFX R7-240A-CLF2 is only $50 and he can run in tandem by getting two of them (called "crossfiring") if he really wants to.

Watch Mark from Villa Park, CA Comments

Mark has a 2 year old computer, and after a few minutes it just shuts off. Leo says it sounds like hibernation is enabled on the computer and that means it goes to sleep. Sleep is problematic because it can have issues waking up. It should wake up, reload the memory from the physical disk, and be active. But all too often it has an issue with this process. So Leo recommends turning off hibernate.

Watch Mark from Villa Park, CA Comments

Mark wants to download and save his voicemail. Leo says that there's several services that offer this capability, including VoiceMails Forever.

Watch Larry from Camarillo, CA Comments

Larry said he heard Leo talking about going into RegEdit and removing executables from the Run folder to help make the PC boot faster. Leo says this is a dangerous thing to do, and there is a better way to accomplish this same thing without opening up the registry. There is a program that Microsoft offers called AutoRuns. This examines the registry, as well as other places where programs can start up, and then the user can disable those more safely.

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Watch Francine from Gloster Township, NJ Comments

Francine wants to know how to turn off the location in her pictures that she posts to Facebook. Leo says she can turn it off in the camera settings. It's called GeoLocation, and turning that off will prevent the camera from embedding the location data into the image itself.

Watch Paul from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Paul would like to scan documents, organize them, and save them online. Leo says he can pick up a scanner and scan his documents. To organize them, Leo recommends using Evernote. He can scan directly to it, and then Evernote will categorize them automatically. Another option is Neat Receipts, a software utility that will work with his scanner to scan and organize receipts.

Watch John from Hisperia, CA Comments

John wants to know the best way to play music from his iPad to his older stereo equipment. Leo says that he'll need to convert the digital data to analog before connecting it with a digital to analog converter. There's a dock that Apple makes that connects through the 30 pin connector.

The other option is to get an Apple TV and use AirPlay to do it if his stereo is connected to the TV. But the easiest way is to just use the audio minijack and plug it into an auxiliary input on the stereo.

Watch Ann from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Ann finally bought her first smartphone and got an iPhone. Now she wants to create her own ringtones. Leo says it can be done right inside iTunes if she hasn't upgraded to Yosemite yet. But if she has, then she can't.

There are several apps that can do it. Or she can make ringtones in Garage Band with an m4r extension. Here's another link for using iTunes 12 -

Watch Carl from Riverside, CA Comments

Carl has a Motorola Moto 360 watch. Leo says it's the best smartwatch out there to date. But Carl says it won't automatically turn on when he puts his watch up to read it. Leo says to turn on "ambient display" in the settings. The Moto 360 will still have enough battery life to last throughout the day.

Some third party watch faces will allow him to adjust the watch awake time. But the watch should recognize the tilt of his wrist. If it's not, then reset the watch. Leo's done that a few times. Intellicom has great 3rd party watch faces.