How can I put music from a CD on my phone and tablet?

Episode 1147 (1:51:46)

Jess from Pine, CO

Jess would like to know how to put the music from his CD onto both his Galaxy S5 and his Barnes and Noble Nook. Leo says it's pretty easy to rip the CD and get it onto a mobile phone. There's a lot of choices. CDex and Exact Copy are a couple of software options.

Once he has the CD ripped, he should save it to MP3. Then he'll want to connect his phone to his computer and use MTP to see the phone file structure and copy the music to his phone's music folder. Then his phone's music player should see it. Leo also likes DoubleTwist and AirDroid to manage the music wirelessly.

For the Nook, Jess should look for a folder called "My Music." He can then move his music there and it should see it. WikiHow has information on how to do this.