Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1145 (18:38)

Scott Wilkinson

This week, Leo talks with Scott about streaming set top boxes. Scott Wilkinson says that while HBO Go is on most boxes, until the beginning of the year you have to have an HBO cable subscription to use it. But next year, you'll be able to subscribe to the streaming service by itself. Scott says it's a very complicated process right now because all of the devices making deals with content providers and ISPs. So it's all very fragmented. So the best you can do is decide what services you want, and then go for that.

What does Scott use? He has both AppleTV and the Roku stick. Leo says that if you get the Xbox One or PS 4, you'll get an internet enabled streaming device that doubles as a Blu-ray player and a gaming device. Veronica Belmont has crowd sourced a master list of all the streaming devices and what services they offer. You can refer to it at

Scott also says that having a 4K TV has another wrinkle because the TVs don't support 1080p streaming boxes. You'd have to have an internet enabled 4KTV and use the apps it has.

Cutting through all of it though, Leo says that the Roku 3 is your best bet.