How can I fix a stuck update in Windows 8?

Episode 1145 (1:51:21)

Todd from Sun City, CA
HP with Windows 8

Todd got an HP Pavilion 4 with Windows 8 and he's having trouble updating it. Every time he tries to update, it freezes up and he has to do an autorepair. Leo says that Windows 8 changed the way updates work. He'll have to do all the Windows 8.0 updates first, and he can get updates from the Windows Store. Once he's opened that, it'll tell him what updates he's missing.

Once he has all those, he can then update to Windows 8.1. If an update is being blocked, he can go into the Control Panel and remove those stuck updates and start over. In fact, he may just want to start over anyway. Back up the data, format the hard drive, and reinstall.