Why won't my printer print?

Episode 1144 (57:44)

Paul from Riverside, CA
Epson Workforce 3640

Paul got an Epson Workforce 3640 and he just can't get it to work. It won't print anything. Leo says to be sure he has the most recent drivers. It could be a broken printer, requiring Paul to return it. Paul should make sure he installs the driver before he plugs in the printer. It could also be a failing USB port.

If it's WiFi enabled, he can try connecting via Wi-Fi. But Leo has a hunch there's something going on with the setup of the PC. Leo also says to try printing a test page from the printer itself. If it prints, then he'll know that there's nothing wrong with the printer. That would then point to a connection issue. Either a cable, the USB port, or something going on in Windows. He should try printing from a secondary computer as well. If that works, then he'll know the computer is the issue.