What gaming PC should I ask for Christmas?

Episode 1144 (16:52)

Devon from Long Beach, CA
Alienware Alpha

Devon wants to get an iBuyPower Gaming PC. Is that a good brand? Leo says that iBuyPower makes great computers and at $495, it's a great deal. The games that Devon wants to play aren't really all that demanding, but still, it depends on what graphics processor and card he's going to get. For video games, the GPU is the workhorse. The NVidia GE Force GT610 is a good one.

Another interesting option is a new small computer by Alienware, called the Alienware Alpha. It looks like a console, and it starts at $549. It can be powered by Intel i5 or i7, comes with NVidia graphics cards, and it's meant to challenge Playstation and XBox.