Mike Ziemkowski, Lights on Display

Episode 1144 (26:24)

Lights on Display

Mike Ziemkowski joins us to talk about his annual yuletide lighting display that he's been doing since 2003. Including a rocking guitar playing snowman and an elf-like DJ known as DJ Jingles, the display is remarkable and gets better every year. 75,000 LED lights, an animatronic flying Santa Claus, singing elves coming out of Christmas presents, and projection video. Check it out at lightsondisplay.com.

Mike starts music selection in May, building over the summer, and programming takes over a month with Light-o-rama. Everything is controlled by the software, which is amazing. And it's a different music track every year. The show is 12 1/2 minutes long and runs continuously from 5-10pm. Leo wonders how do the neighbors feel about it? Mike says they love it, coming out almost every night to see it.

What is Mike's power bill? Mike says that thanks to the LEDs, the cost for running his show is remarkably low. LEDs have been an amazing innovation, and with computer control, the experience is truly magical. It runs continuously every night in Sherman Oaks, CA through New Year's Day.