Chris Marquardt

Episode 1144 (1:21:05)

Chris Marquardt

Chris has settled into his new studio, which he affectionately calls the "Viewfinder Villa," a place where people can come and learn the art. He has three iPhone apps that he likes to recommend for travel:

1. Diptic - a great app to put several pictures into a montage of one. That way you can send one picture that includes multiple ones. He likes it because you can use it as an iOS8 extension. Using the Diptik extension will combine the photo with a map from where it was taken.

2. Hyperlapse. You shoot some amazing video with it. You can choose to speed up the video to get a high speed video, but Chris likes to use it at original speed because it acts as an image stabilizer. It's amazing. Quadruple Tap on the app with four fingers and you get into a secret menu to settings like resolution and more. But it does a fantastic job stabilizing video. HyperTimelapse for Android gets close.

3. Photocard - Enables you to print and send a post card from your iPhone. Upload your vacation pictures and then they'll get printed and sent out. You can buy credits for it. Great app, great service. About $1.50 a piece.

4. The Photographer Ephemeris (TPE) - app that tells you when the sun will come up and from what angle. iOS and Android.

Don't forget our current assignment - FALL! ! Take a photo of, about or otherwise concerning the concept of "FALL" and then post it to the Tech Guy Group on Flickr. Make sure to tag it with the word "Fall" as well! You only have a week left to submit because we're reviewing them next week!