What Mac should I buy?

Episode 1143 (2:04:10)

Lynn from Santa Clarita, CA
MacBook Air

Lynn is trying to decide what Mac laptop to buy. She can buy a used, tricked out MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Leo says that if someone is offering to install all her programs onto the laptop, that could be illegal unless he transfers ownership to Lynn. If he doesn't, then they won't work. Sounds like he's misleading her. Leo recommends going to the Apple store and looking at their refurbished laptops. They will be fully warrantied and he can still save some.

Leo advises getting the 13" MacBook Air. It offers 13 hours of battery life and since Lynn doesn't need a retina, it's the best option. What about a CD player? Leo says she can just buy a third party USB CD drive that she can plug in. The base model is really all Lynn needs.