Should I wait to buy an Apple TV?

Episode 1143 (1:01:50)

Edward from Fullerton, CA
Apple TV

Edward is thinking about getting an Apple TV, but he doesn't see Apple really pushing it all that much. Should he wait for a new model? Leo says that it's not really that expensive at $99, so if he buys one and then Apple releases a new one, he's not really out all that much.

But it could be a good idea to wait because it may have some amazing new features like home automation, gameplay, and a new app store. Apple has improved the current state of the art because they've added a ton of more channels with a recent update. And it's getting cumbersome. Leo says what they'll likely do is rewrite the interface with a new channel store so users can highly customize it. Leo recommends just getting the current Apple TV or a Roku. Both are good solutions for streaming.