Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1143 (19:09)

Scott is getting questions about 4K and if it's a good idea to buy an A/V receiver to get ready for it. Scott says no, because no standards have been settled yet. And why are there so many 4K TVs out? Scott says that the TV manufacturers even caught Hollywood off guard, and even though there's some great deals out there for 4K TVs, the odds are they won't be supported in the adopted standards once they do come out. Not only that, but according to Joe Kane, the 4K TVs are just HDTVs with 4x more pixels. So the 4K TV you see in the stores now will likely not even compare to the 4K TVs one or two years down the road once all the standards are settled.

Will they look bad? No. But it probably won't take advantage of what's happening in a few years and it certainly won't be future proofed, especially when it comes to copy protection, which now has HDCP 2.2 that requires hardware compliance. A new 4K TV may not, especially when 4K Blu-ray comes out next year. There's also the issue of motion blur. Some 4K TVs are better with motion blur than others. And then there's the frame interpolation which causes the "soap opera" effect.

Scott says stick with what you have. Don't get sucked in with low end special deals on 4K tvs. You may end up with a worse screen.