Johnny Jet

Episode 1143 (1:13:01)

Johnny's tip of the week is to search for a single fare first if you're looking for multiple fares. If you search for four tickets, you'll pay a higher rate. So search for one, and then when checking out, change it to the number of tickets you need. You won't pay more. Or if there's a limited number, buy the cheaper fares first, and then go with the other fares for the number of fares you have left. That way you'll at least save some money.

Another tip is to clear your cache of cookies or change browsers before you actually search for a rate. Travel sites and airlines can place a cookie in when you visit and when you come back, they think they have you and will give you a higher fare. Don't let them do that.

Johnny also says when going for food at the airport, look for where the pilots eat. They know what's the best and what's cheapest.