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Watch Mark from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Mark has an iPhone 6 Plus, and he clicked on a link in his email from "Fedex" which he later realized was a bogus phishing scam. Leo says it's unlikely it'll impact Mark. Phishing scams are designed mostly at Windows applications and even then, unpatched versions of Windows. Since Mark is neither, it's highly unlikely anything bad will happen to his phone. But it's good that he realized it, even if it was too late. Next time he'll know beforehand.

Watch Bill from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bill picked up one of Neil Young's new Pono Player and what he thinks is that it sounds amazing, but it has no gapless playback. It just plays straight through. Leo says that's a firmware issue and he's heard that it will be fixed with a future firmware update. In fact, it works just fine with Pono Desktop. So be patient, as it will be fixed down the line.

Watch Mike from Fountain, CO Comments

Mike has an old Core 2 Duo Intel computer that's worked fine for 5 years. Now it's starting to shut down when he does transcoding of video. Leo says that overheating is likely the problem. When he's working on processor intensive actions, the chip can heat up, and PCs are designed to shut down when overheating in order to protect the PC. So it may be that he needs to clean out the case, but it may also be that the thermal paste has dried out and it needs to be reapplied.

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Watch Sharon from San Marcos, CA Comments

Sharon is finally upgrading from her iPhone 4, and she's wondering if the iPhone 6 is a bit too large. She can also get the iPhone 5 for free, so she's wondering what she should do. Leo says that the iPhone 5 really isn't free, she's just paying for it over time.

Sharon would probably like the iPhone 6 better. It's only $70 down. If she's paying for it over a two year contract anyway, she really should go with the iPhone 6. She'll have the Touch ID fingerprint reader for security, and a host of other features that make it worth it.

Watch Edward from Fullerton, CA Comments

Edward is thinking about getting an Apple TV, but he doesn't see Apple really pushing it all that much. Should he wait for a new model? Leo says that it's not really that expensive at $99, so if he buys one and then Apple releases a new one, he's not really out all that much.

But it could be a good idea to wait because it may have some amazing new features like home automation, gameplay, and a new app store. Apple has improved the current state of the art because they've added a ton of more channels with a recent update. And it's getting cumbersome. Leo says what they'll likely do is rewrite the interface with a new channel store so users can highly customize it. Leo recommends just getting the current Apple TV or a Roku. Both are good solutions for streaming.

Watch Ann from Orange County, CA Comments

Ann wants a simple word processor that would have the least amount of distractions for writing. Leo knows of a few great applications for the Mac, such as WriteRoom. Microsoft Word wouldn't be the best option for her in this case.

ScooterX in the chatroom suggests This is a web-based word processor. also has a distraction free mode, and it's web-based as well.

Watch Jerry from California Comments

Jerry began having Wi-Fi issues after updating drivers from HP. Leo suggests looking in the system tray to see if there's a red "x." If there is, then he'll know the problem is a connection. He should go through the settings, update his password, and make sure it's in Ad Hoc mode, not infrastructure. Right click on the tray icon and select "Properties." That'll take him to settings.

Another option is to roll back to the old drivers. Jerry can also go into the system BIOS and make sure Wi-Fi wasn't disabled there.

Leo also says that there's a keystroke that will disable Wi-Fi on a laptop. It may have been caused by that. Jerry should check to see what his function key is for that.

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Watch Mike from Pomona, CA Comments

Mike is an independent movie producer and is thinking of using YouTube as a distribution arm. He's worried that someone may steal it, though. Leo says there's always that risk. YouTube does a good job of preventing casual users from downloading a file, but it's not really that hard to figure out how to do it. The rewards far outweigh the risks, though, because that's where the eyeballs are.

Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Pete wants to root his Verizon Google Nexus 6, but every time he tries, he can't seem to make it work. Leo says that Verizon tends to make changes to Google phones to prevent them from being rooted.

Leo advises checking XDA Developers forums to get tips on how to deal with unlocking the boot loader, then rooting it and getting custom recovery on it.

Another option is to take out the Verizon SIM while he does it. But Pete should make sure he really has a reason to, like turning off software encryption. There's also a simple one step download program that will do it as well. There's an option in the settings to enable OEM unlock.

Watch Paul from Pasadena, CA Comments

Paul just upgraded to an Apple iPhone 6 Plus, but every time he gets a call from a landline, he gets an echo. Could it be the Wi-Fi calling feature or noise suppression? Could it be a T-Mobile issue? Leo doesn't think so. But it could be a delay when talking from Wi-Fi or cellular to the landline. This is an odd issue that often happens on the radio show. And they've never been able to track it down. Leo says to get Apple to replace the iPhone. If it still happens, it's the network, not the phone.

Watch Lynn from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Lynn is trying to decide what Mac laptop to buy. She can buy a used, tricked out MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Leo says that if someone is offering to install all her programs onto the laptop, that could be illegal unless he transfers ownership to Lynn. If he doesn't, then they won't work. Sounds like he's misleading her. Leo recommends going to the Apple store and looking at their refurbished laptops. They will be fully warrantied and he can still save some.

Leo advises getting the 13" MacBook Air. It offers 13 hours of battery life and since Lynn doesn't need a retina, it's the best option. What about a CD player? Leo says she can just buy a third party USB CD drive that she can plug in. The base model is really all Lynn needs.

Watch Jennifer from San Diego, CA Comments

Jennifer would like to record video from her Nintendo 3DS and post it on YouTube. Leo says she can get a 3DS capture board which can then route the video signal to her PC to record, edit and upload. This requires an original 3DS to work though, so be aware of that.

Watch Clinton from Calgary, ALB CAN Comments

Clinton is a cable installer and he uses Squarespace to for his website. But he wants to know about search engine optimization (SEO). Leo says that there's a lot of "snake oil" out there from SEO gurus, and in some cases, it results in the pages getting delisted by Google.

Leo recommends going to There's all kinds of tools there for how to get noticed online. That's where Leo goes, and Google will rank him higher when more people link back to him. That comes with having good content, and posting content that is relevant to his site. So Clinton should follow their tips and he'll get all the business he wants.