Should I buy a Chromebook?

Episode 1142 (1:24:17)

James from The Road, Colorado
Acer C720

James is thinking about getting a Chromebook. Leo likes them, now that he understands them. The Chromebook is a laptop that uses a browser based operating system that's very simple to use. James would just have to turn it on, and he'd have a browser. Then he could use Chrome extensions that give him access to a wide variety of applications. And everything is stored in the cloud.

Leo likes the Acer C720. Lisa's son uses it for school. Samsung, Asus, and HP all make Chromebooks as well, though. It's a pity the Dell one was discontinued, because it was supposed to be pretty good. Another option is Google's Chromebook Pixel, but it's $1200, which is way too expensive. There's also a Chromebox, which is like a Mac Mini. Just plug in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and he'd have a desktop computer running Chrome OS.

Can James connect his Android tablet and smartphone to it? Leo says he can, and they will look like a drive, so he can use them as external storage devices.