Is the iPhone the best choice for a first smartphone?

Episode 1142 (59:48)

Dan from Anaheim, CA
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Dan is ready for his first smartphone and is looking at the iPhone 6 Plus. Leo says that while he doesn't carry an iPhone, it's a great phone, especially for beginners. It's a good choice accessibility-wise as well. The large screen in the 6 Plus makes it really easy to see. But Leo warns that it may seem like clown shoes going from the 4" iPhone 5 screen.

What about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? How does it feel in the hand? Leo says it's less elegant and not as smooth. It's more like a hunk of glass in your hand. The iPhone is easy to use, very straight forward, and it has the programs Dan will want.

Dan is going to England, so it's very important that he be mindful of data usage. The phone is always getting data and international data roaming can give him a shocking bill when he gets home. So he should make sure to turn off data roaming. He could buy an international data roaming plan, which costs about $100 for 250MB. Or, if he can get the phone unlocked, he can buy a local sim card. Three, in the UK, sells an unlimited data sim for about 30 pounds. He can also get a MiFi card and that can limit his costs as well.