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Watch "Mirthgirl" from Long Beach, CA Comments

Mirthgirl would like to log into her Mac remotely. Leo says she can do it by going into Settings, then into Sharing, and she'll see several settings including File Sharing, Remote Management, etc. She should also go into the iCloud control panel and turn on "Back to my Mac." Apple has a tech note on how to do this here.

If she can, she should set up her router for it as well. The Mac has instructions for it in the settings where "Back to My Mac" is located. Once enabled, then she'll be able log into the mac remotely with her home computer. It will appear as a shared folder in the left side of her Finder window.

Watch Kevin from Beaumont, CA Comments

Kevin says that we talk about smartphones as being a "mature" technology by now, but when he uses GPS on his phone, it frequently can be wildly inaccurate. For instance, when he was in Scottsdale, he asked Siri for Thai restaurants, and it gave him results for Florida. Why would that be the case? Leo says that "mature" doesn't necessarily mean it's better, it's just an older technology at this point. Apple is doing everything it can with GPS, but its still an imperfect technology. The phone has to triangulate his position with cell towers and satellites, and download the almanac if it's the first time in a given location. If it can't triangulate, then it has to use the IP address, which can be inaccurate.

Leo recommends opening the Maps app and let it load the maps for the area he's in. He also should make sure he has given Siri location permissions, and that his GPS is enabled.

Watch Dan from Anaheim, CA Comments

Dan is ready for his first smartphone and is looking at the iPhone 6 Plus. Leo says that while he doesn't carry an iPhone, it's a great phone, especially for beginners. It's a good choice accessibility-wise as well. The large screen in the 6 Plus makes it really easy to see. But Leo warns that it may seem like clown shoes going from the 4" iPhone 5 screen.

What about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? How does it feel in the hand? Leo says it's less elegant and not as smooth. It's more like a hunk of glass in your hand. The iPhone is easy to use, very straight forward, and it has the programs Dan will want.

Dan is going to England, so it's very important that he be mindful of data usage. The phone is always getting data and international data roaming can give him a shocking bill when he gets home. So he should make sure to turn off data roaming. He could buy an international data roaming plan, which costs about $100 for 250MB. Or, if he can get the phone unlocked, he can buy a local sim card. Three, in the UK, sells an unlimited data sim for about 30 pounds. He can also get a MiFi card and that can limit his costs as well.

Watch Jay from Los Alamos, CA Comments

Leo does not recommend side loading or manually installing an Android update. He says to wait for the pushed update, and then do it. That being said, Android 5 Lollipop works great on the Moto X.

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Watch Jay from Los Alamos, CA Comments

Jay thinks that the AppleTV is too long in the tooth and is thinking about using Plex instead. Can he use it and still watch stuff bought on iTunes? Leo says no. They're all copy protected so he can only play them back on iTunes or an Apple device. This drives Leo nuts because pirates know how to defeat it. But having said that, Plex is great.

Watch James from The Road, Colorado Comments

James is thinking about getting a Chromebook. Leo likes them, now that he understands them. The Chromebook is a laptop that uses a browser based operating system that's very simple to use. James would just have to turn it on, and he'd have a browser. Then he could use Chrome extensions that give him access to a wide variety of applications. And everything is stored in the cloud.

Leo likes the Acer C720. Lisa's son uses it for school. Samsung, Asus, and HP all make Chromebooks as well, though. It's a pity the Dell one was discontinued, because it was supposed to be pretty good. Another option is Google's Chromebook Pixel, but it's $1200, which is way too expensive. There's also a Chromebox, which is like a Mac Mini. Just plug in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and he'd have a desktop computer running Chrome OS.

Can James connect his Android tablet and smartphone to it? Leo says he can, and they will look like a drive, so he can use them as external storage devices.

Watch Ivan from Santa Nella, CA Comments

Ivan is a hardcore gamer and he uses an Alienware laptop. But his laptop has been getting up past 200 degrees. Leo says that's not a good thing. It's normal for a laptop to heat up with a lot of hard core use, but not that much. Leo suspects that Ivan's GPU fan isn't working. It could also be that the thermal paste wasn't applied correctly. Leo advises going back to the store with it and having them fix the issue.

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Watch Dennis from Riverside, CA Comments

Dennis is looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $150. Leo says that sounds like a subsidized price, and while he's saving the money up front, he'll be paying a lot more over the course of 2 years. Is the Note 4 better at $150 more? Leo says it's an amazing phone, as they all have been. Better screen and camera, and a faster processor. He's more likely to get updates for it.

If the Galaxy Note 3 is brand new, then it's an apples to apples comparison. If the $150 difference is an issue, then he shouldn't hesitate, and get the Note 3.

Watch Terry from St. Paul, MN Comments

Terry has a MacBook Pro 2013 running Yosemite and Windows 8 dual booted on external hard drives. His Windows system died and now his shared drive is all screwed up. Leo says that's because the laptop was running on the xFAT file system and it's not really all that robust. SpinRite may help recover the drive. For the Mac, he can try Alsoft DiscWarrior.

Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam is looking for a Blu-ray player for the grandkids. Leo says that blu-ray and DVD players are fairly inexpensive. What Leo says may be a better option is to get them a Playstation or Xbox One. They come with blu-ray drives built in. But if he just wants to get the player itself, there really isn't a difference between them at this point.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard is looking to get a personal cloud device. He's wondering if he can store virtually anything in his computer in it. Leo says he could, but he wouldn't. There are a lot of options including one from Western Digital, PogoPlug, and File Transporter. The idea of having a personal cloud solution like this is that Richard would own the drive that all the data is stored on. With Google, DropBox, or Microsoft's cloud solutions, Richard's data would be stored on their servers.

Leo likes the File Transporter. Everything gets copied locally and then synced over the internet to the one Leo has at home. It's totally private, and encrypted. It's a great solution for sync and backup.

Watch Debbie from Ontario, CA Comments

Debbie got an Asus Transformer notebook and she's wondering if she needs the extended warranty. Leo says that the Transformer is a great laptop, and the warranty is just an insurance plan. They are a profit generator for the company that sells them. Leo prefers to self insure.

If she's going to get an extended warranty, she should get it from the manufacturer. The peace of mind factor is difficult to calculate and may be worth it. What about antivirus? Leo says that Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender, and that's more than good enough. But even the best antivirus won't protect her from her own behavior.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris needs a good external hard drive. Which one is best? Leo says it really doesn't matter. They've all been acquired. Western Digital, Seagate, it's all the same. Hard drives are a commodity. So Chris should get the one with the best price and features. Leo buys Western Digital, for what it's worth.

Watch Brandon from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Brandon is trying to connect an older laptop to Wi-Fi, but it isn't working. Leo says that if other devices can connect, then chances are that the laptop may not support WPA2, which the network runs on. He could try WEP, but it's been cracked, so it's not really all that secure if there's someone with maligned intent. But if it's all he can get, it's better than nothing.

Watch JoAnne from Warwick, RI Comments

JoAnne's daughter needs a new Mac computer and she wants to get her one for Christmas. Would the MacBook Air be a good choice? Leo says that will make her daughter very happy. What kind of storage should she get with it? Leo says that the Solid State Drives are super fast, but they aren't cheap. Leo says it really depends on what she uses it for. Leo uses 128GB models because he keeps most of his stuff in the cloud. But for most, 256GB is a good size.