Should I get an iPad or a computer?

Episode 1141 (1:53:35)

Rosalind from Temecula, CA

Rosalind wants a computer that will allow her to communicate with her family overseas. She's thinking about getting an iPad, but she's not sure what would be best. Is Android better? Or should she get a computer?

Leo says that the iPad is ideal for Rosalind. Getting a computer comes with a host of other problems like security, updating, troubleshooting. A computer is too much for just what Rosalind needs. An iPad is natural and simple. And she can Skype with it. The iPad is also great for sketching. There are a ton of things she can do with the iPad without being burdened by the problems associated with a more complex computer.

Can she get a keyboard? Leo says she can buy a physical keyboard that works over Bluetooth. What about an Android tablet? Leo says that iPad is better because of the maturity and availability of apps.