How can I print from my iPad?

Episode 1141 (1:46:54)

Eric from Cathedral City, CA

Eric has an iPad and wants to be able to print wirelessly with his printer. But AirPrint doesn't work on it. Leo says that probably means his printer doesn't support AirPrint technology. There's more than one way to add support for this, though. Before AirPrint, there were apps that could do it. They were kind of kludgy, sending the file to the app and then to the printer.

If he can't find an app in the store that supports his printer, then the other option is to go with Google Cloud Print. Eric will send the file to Google over the internet, and it sends it to his internet connected printer. Another option is xPrintServer, which takes a non Wi-Fi printer and connects it to the internet. The xPrintServer is $150.

(Disclaimer: xPrintServer is a sponsor).