Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1141 (2:15:44)

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget by Dickie D promises to help you break bad habits. It's a smart watch that sends a shock through your body if you engage in a habit you want to break. Pavlok uses an ecosystem of apps that will run on both your computer and phone. These apps can track and monitor any number of things that you choose. For example, the Pavlok Fit app will allow users to select their gym from a list of gyms in their area. Then, using the geo-location on your phone, Pavlok can tell when you go to the gym and how long you stay for. Don’t go to the gym? Shock (up to 340 volts)! Dick had a live demo of one of the 'milder' shocks and he says you will feel it.

Download the Pavlok software and it will monitor your online activity. You get to plugin your 'blacklisted' websites, such as Facebook, Reddit, Buzzfeed, etc. Once you do this, Pavlok intervenes (with a shock) when you 'accidentally' visit these sites. It won't be shipping until mid-2015, and it will cost $199.99.

Leo tried it a week ago and it did zap you. Like a strong static electrical shock. Not enough to do any damage, but enough to get your attention. And you can adjust the amount of shock from 110-220v. Leo says it's enough to teach you to do anything to avoid it.

Giz Wiz Video: http://youtu.be/MklqivSeHv8%C2%A0

Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP88Gji98sU

Check them out online at Pavlock.com