Should I buy an extended warranty with a plasma TV?

Episode 1140 (2:08:12)

Darren from Long Beach, CA

Darren feels like Plasma TVs going away is like watching vinyl dying all over again. With both Pioneer and Panasonic out of the game, where can he find a plasma now? Leo says that nothing looks as good as plasma, but everyone bought LCDs. Companies just have to follow the demand, and LG is the last man standing. Darren could still find a few Panasonic VT or ST models, but they're getting harder and harder to find and they're really expensive. So that leaves last year's Samsung, and LG.

Should he buy the extended warranty on a plasma TV? Leo says he doesn't because even if it dies, they won't be making them anymore. It wouldn't be replaced with a plasma, it would be replaced with an LCD. The only other option is an OLED, but they're still cost prohibitive at $8,000. But the price is dropping.

Scott Wilkinson says that the newest FALD LED TVs are starting to get black levels comparable to plasmas. So that's not a bad way to go for now.