How can I keep my Nexus 7 tablet from dropping Wi-Fi in Lollipop?

Episode 1140 (1:56:58)

Naomi from Denver, CO
Google Nexus 7

Naomi upgraded her Nexus 7 tablet to Android 5.0 Lollipop and she's not very happy. Leo says that the promise of the Nexus line is that, being directly from Google, users should get updates first. But they roll it out slowly to see if problems crop up, and it sounds like Naomi was one who had problems. Naomi's issue is that her Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping out. Her tablet has also been running really slow. Leo says Google will push a fix pretty soon, though. First thing to do is clear the tablet cache. Leo also says that doing a full factory reset could also help, but she'll lose everything.

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