How can I get GPS data on my laptop?

Episode 1140 (1:45:19)

Jason from Auburn, ME

Jason uses a logging app that will automatically add GPS data when he creates an entry. It would take something from an external GPS through a com port, which is obviously something his laptop doesn't have. He found an app that allows for GPS over Bluetooth so he can use the app on his laptop. Most laptops have Bluetooth built-in, but the app is looking for that data from a com port. The chatroom recommends the GlobalSat GPS receiver for $35, and it works via USB. They also make USB to Serial port adapters. Jason should consult this tech note from Microsoft -

Jason also just bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 and he has an unlimited data plan because he's a truck driver. Leo says that makes a lot of sense, but most people have Wi-Fi at home and work and as such, don't really need or use that much. Leo also thinks it's bad form for companies to offer unlimited data and then throttle you when you actually use it.