How can I burn high resolution audio tracks to a CD?

Episode 1140 (56:11)

Joe from Miami, FL

Joe has several high resolution audio downloads and would like to burn them to CD. He has an SACD player and also a DVD-A player, but he doesn't have a high resolution player like the Pono. Leo says that SACD and DVD audio were two formats created to deliver higher quality than CD. In most cases, it was for surround sound and other features, but it could be higher bit rate. But unless he could make that CD, the fact that he can play it back doesn't really help him here.

If Joe wants to burn it to a CD that can be played back on any CD player, it has to conform to the "Redbook" standard. The Redbook standard requires that the audio be 44.1 kHz with a sample rate of 16 bit. He could, however, burn a data disc instead of an audio disc. That would contain the original files, just as they are on his hard drive. But in order to play those back, he would still need hardware that can understand high resolution audio files. Leo has an Onkyo receiver that has digital to audio converters that can handle higher resolution, all the way up to 192/24. He can put high resolution files on a USB key, plug that into the USB port on his receiver, and then just switch the receiver to that, it will show him a directory of music. Joe needs a player that can understand this.

Joe is wondering if he downloads the high resolution tracks to his computer, would it work there? Leo says not all computers will be able to handle high resolution tracks. Leo also recommends checking out the Pono Player.

Here's how to burn DVD Audio -