Why does Keychain Access keep popping up on my Mac?

Episode 1139 (1:02:55)

Tom from Witt, IL
Keychain Access

Tom's mother had relatives come over for Thanksgiving, and ever since they were there, her iMac has been having problems. She kept seeing "keychain" popping up, and she deleted everything in it in an attempt to fix the problem. Leo says if Keychain is popping up, it means that the Keychain password somehow got wiped out. So all Tom should have to do is log in using the computer password. Tom says when he gets into the keychain, there's nothing in it.

Another possibility is that Tom's mother may be in another keychain. Leo advises backing up her data, then reinstalling OS X. That'll wipe the drive and recreate the Keychain. But he'll have to set up his mom's email and everything again.

Tom also wanted to know Leo's thoughts on Mac Keeper. Leo says that it's not necessary to have. It's a controversial topic in the Mac world and once it's installed, it's hard to get rid of. OS X has great janitorial capabilities. Restoring OS X wlll also get rid of Mac Keeper.