Why can't I search through my contacts on my HTC One?

Episode 1139 (32:09)

Gary from San Diego, CA
HTC One with Beats audio

Gary has an HTC One with Beats audio. He has over 5,000 contacts and his phone won't let him search through them. Leo says that's likely because HTC has replaced the Google contacts app with its own, which is a problem. Google has started to release apps like Calendar and Docs on the Google Play store, but hasn't released the contacts yet. They probably won't, since people mostly use the phone's dialer for that.

Leo says that one thing he could do is search through Google contacts using the web browser. It's a bit clunky, but it works. The Google contacts app wouldn't allow him to search through specific categories, anyway.

The chatroom recommends an app called TruDialer. It's a replacement dialer with its own contact list that will allow Gary to search. He can also use contact management software like ACT or Contacts Plus.

Leo says that the HTC One is perhaps the best designed phone out there, but it's a pity that it's hampered by the fragmentation caused by it. Another option is to root it.