What laptop should I buy my daughter for college?

Episode 1138 (15:16)

Becky from Mission Viejo, CA
Apple MacBook Air

Becky wants to get her daughter a computer for college and needs some advise. Half the family is on Mac, half are on PCs. She wants a Mac, but Becky wants her to look at PCs. What should she do? Leo says one thing to do is to call the college and ask what their recommendations are, especially with access to printers. Networks, labs, and special software can determine what computing platform is best. If there's a support group for students, then call them.

Windows machines will require more attention to security, so $999 for the low end MacBook Air is a great place to start. It has a solid state drive, great battery life, and an aluminum Unibody. On Windows, Becky should consider the Acer Aspire S7. She shouldn't "cheap out" by going with a consumer brand. The business line is much more robust. And with a student discount, the 13" MacBook Air is about $949. She should also check with the college book store, because they often have great deals.