What alternatives do I have to 4G internet in rural areas?

Episode 1138 (1:53:12)

Mark from Amherst County, VA
satellite dish

Mark uses Verizon 4G Wireless service and runs through 40GB in an afternoon with video conferencing. He also ends up roaming, so he's paying for that as well as overages. Verizon told him that FIOS would be coming, but Leo says that'll never happen now because they've stopped growing that out. It all has to do with a tug of war with the FCC over net neutrality.

Mark is wondering if he has any other options? Leo says that Wild Blue's Exede satellite service is an option, but there will be latency. If he's doing video conferencing, satellite isn't the best. Rural areas really need a Tennessee Valley Project for Internet. The problem is that there's no money in it for the companies to lay down cable in sparsely populated areas. The only real option is cellular.

Google is doing an interesting thing by launching balloons with high speed internet capability. The "Loon Balloon" is designed to provide internet access to remote areas and third world nations.