What phone should I buy for traveling overseas?

Episode 1137 (1:48:25)

Corky from Long Beach, CA

Corky is ready to buy her first smartphone. She's going to be traveling to Spain and needs to know what kind of phone to get. Leo says that Corky should check out PrepaidWithData.wikia.com. It'll show what data SIMS to buy in the country she travels to. Roaming can be expensive and buying a local SIM is a great way to save a lot of money.

The other option is to get an International Data Roaming plan. But they're pricey and don't include a lot of data. Most phones these days are "world phones," meaning that they will work anywhere. The iPhone is a great example. They sell their phones unlocked now, so she can put a local SIM in it at her destination. Corky should check out T-Mobile. They're great because they offer 2G data for free overseas.