Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1137 (25:00)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins to talk about high resolution music. He likes to go to AIX Records because they record original music with mainstream musicians. He's also up north for a few days and enjoyed the Monterey Symphony Orchestra live. Scott says that going live is like a gourmet meal while MP3s are like fast food. Listening to a symphony is unamplified. And the emotional reaction you get from it is amazing. Amplified can have a similar reaction, if it's mixed right. But all too often, it's too loud. Leo says that's because sound mixers are getting deaf and they're chasing what they can't hear and it's to the detriment of all of us. iTrax is another good source for high resolution music.

Pete from Brooklyn got a new Samsung 4K TV and he wants to calibrate it. Scott says he can get 80% of the way there by selecting "Movie" or "Cinema" mode. Then he should pick up Spears and Munsil's HD Video Benchmark, DV Essentials, or Disney's WOW. They all come with tutorials that teach how to set the color, contrast and sharpness.

The final step is to pay a professional to do a full calibration. But at the very least, set the TV off of Dynamic mode. There's also a setup disc at AVS Forum called AVS HD709 and Pete can download that, burn it to DVD and use that to set up his TV.

The Chatroom says that there's an app for calibrating your TV called THX Tuneup, and it comes in both iOS and Android. Use your phone to calibrate your TV!