Leo Gets the Google Nexus 6

Episode 1137

Leo bought the largest Android phone on the market, the Google Nexus 6.It does come with Android 5 - Lollipop. And he says it's a beautiful phone. However, when it comes to battery life, it leaves Leo a bit concerned. Although it has a bigger battery, it also comes with a quad HD screen, which is gorgeous, but really sucks up the battery power. He likes the dual front facing speakers though. And that makes sense.

Also, Leo finally got his Pono Player from Neil Young. The Pono Player plays high resolution music at 96kbps, twice as much as CD. And Leo's been enjoying HiRes recordings of some of his favorite old albums.HDTracks.com, PonoMusic, Bowers and Wilkins, The Society of Sound. All offer studio quality digital recordings of originals that have been remastered.