Can I use a smartwatch with a tablet?

Episode 1137 (55:58)

Joe from East Vail, CA
Moto 360

Joe bought a pair of Pebble watches, and he's thinking of getting something like the Moto 360. Leo says that the Apple Watch will only work with an iPhone. The Moto 360 only works with Android. The Microsoft Band works only with Windows Phone. So that's where the state of the art is right now, and it largely depends on his plan and what phone he wants.

Can he sync these smartwatches with a tablet? Leo doesn't think so. But in every case, the watches aren't smart enough to work independently. They're more like a second screen for the phone. If Joe can download and install the Motorola Connect app on his tablet, then he may be able to pair the Moto 360 with the tablet through Bluetooth.