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Watch Tim from Ontario, CA Comments

Tim's company uses Outlook and he'd like to have everyone share files and calendars without setting up an Exchange server. Is Google the best option? Leo says that it may be.

It's a very competitive field right now, and Leo says Microsoft's Azure service is an option that's fairly inexpensive. But Google Apps can share documents via Google Drive. Tim could also consider using Verticore. (Disclaimer: Verticore is a sponsor).

Microsoft Office 365 comes with the ability to do this as well.

Watch Dennis from Costa Rica, CA Comments

Dennis is vacationing and he's concerned about privacy on the public hotel Wi-Fi. Leo says that's when a Virtual Private Network, or VPN can come in handy. It's like a tunnel through the internet that is encrypted and nobody can see his traffic. But it will be a little bit slower. He uses TalkaTone and wants an encrypted phone line. Leo says it's a good option, but he also recommends RedPhone. It has end to end encryption. It requires that both parties are using the same technology, but it's very private and secure.

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Watch Joe from East Vail, CA Comments

Joe bought a pair of Pebble watches, and he's thinking of getting something like the Moto 360. Leo says that the Apple Watch will only work with an iPhone. The Moto 360 only works with Android. The Microsoft Band works only with Windows Phone. So that's where the state of the art is right now, and it largely depends on his plan and what phone he wants.

Can he sync these smartwatches with a tablet? Leo doesn't think so. But in every case, the watches aren't smart enough to work independently. They're more like a second screen for the phone. If Joe can download and install the Motorola Connect app on his tablet, then he may be able to pair the Moto 360 with the tablet through Bluetooth.

Watch Debbie from Anaheim, CA Comments

Debbie just bought a new computer, and it's not working properly. She gets lots of popup windows. Leo says that it's likely that Debbie has been infected with malware. Leo says that Debbie is a prime candidate for something much simpler like a Google Chromebook or a tablet. Windows really requires knowing more about security.

Debbie will probably need to backup her data, format her hard drive, and then reinstall Windows from a known good source. Then run all available updates. Windows 8 has a restore feature that includes recovery discs in a hidden partition. So it's rather easy to go into Windows settings, choose to restore it and start over. Microsoft has a technote here that will walk her through that process.

Watch James from Burbank, CA Comments

James is bummed that Apple stopped selling all iPod Classics. Apple says they stopped making them because they couldn't get the parts. James doesn't know why Apple had all stores sent them back, though. Could it be that Apple is going to use them for parts? Apple is very good about controlling the supply chain. They probably weeded out most of them through sales. Apple is a very good "just in time manufacturer," and there really isn't a very deep backlog of inventory to pull from.

Watch Adam from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Adam wants to build a PC. Should he get stuff during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Leo says he doesn't recommend building computers anymore because he can get it cheaper from a company like Dell, and he'll get at least some support for it. It's a great project though. But he'll have to be his own support.

Leo recommends calling NewEgg to find out about their price matching policy, so if he buys something now and it's cheaper on Black Friday, he'll get back the difference.

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Watch Corky from Long Beach, CA Comments

Corky is ready to buy her first smartphone. She's going to be traveling to Spain and needs to know what kind of phone to get. Leo says that Corky should check out It'll show what data SIMS to buy in the country she travels to. Roaming can be expensive and buying a local SIM is a great way to save a lot of money.

The other option is to get an International Data Roaming plan. But they're pricey and don't include a lot of data. Most phones these days are "world phones," meaning that they will work anywhere. The iPhone is a great example. They sell their phones unlocked now, so she can put a local SIM in it at her destination. Corky should check out T-Mobile. They're great because they offer 2G data for free overseas.

Watch Chris from Toledo, OH Comments

Chris recently bought an LG 4K TV. He's been enjoying Netflix and he's noticed his data has shot through the roof. Leo says that's not surprising. And if the cost went up, it's likely because Chris used more data streaming. Leo says that Chris can change the settings in his Netflix account to avoid streaming at the maximum bandwidth, but it won't look as good on that 4K TV!

Watch Greg from Essex UK Comments

Greg thinks Black Friday is barbaric. Leo agrees and says that fighting over a few items that are marked down is usually not worth it. Cyber Monday, however, is another story.

Greg is looking for a good bluetooth headset to listen to music with. CNet has a list of best wireless headphones here. Most aren't cheap, through, at around $300. The Backbeat Fit is around $100.

The Chatroom says that Sony Bluetooth headphones sell for $99 at Costco. If he gets one for his phone, he should look for an A2DP feature.

Watch Simon from Gardena, CA Comments

Simon has issues watching YouTube videos. He gets a green screen. Leo says that the 'Accelerate Video' setting in Windows is enabled and it isn't working well. Leo suggests disabling the acceleration feature and he should make sure he has the latest video drivers installed. He should also update Flash.