What's the best password vault?

Episode 1136 (2:19:41)

Carla from Buena Park, CA
Lastpass Vault

Carla is overwhelmed by all of the passwords she has to remember. What can she use to help manage that? Leo says a password vault will generate a unique and strong password that's difficult to crack. The best passwords are long and random with a combination of upper and lower case, numbers, letters and punctuation. Leo advises using LastPass. She can download and use it for free on the desktop, or pay $12 for some additional features including mobile use. Other options include DashLane and 1Password for the Mac.

To remember her Lastpass password, she can use a pneumonic, where she can use the first letter of each word of a phrase. Then add punctuation, and a phone number. It will look random, but still will be easy to remember or at least reconstruct.