What are the alternatives to iTunes Match?

Episode 1136 (1:26:50)

Wayne from Fresno, CA

Wayne doesn't like that iTunes Match only allows 25,000 songs. He has most of his music on external hard drives but one of them died. So he's had to replace songs that iTunes Match didn't allow him to redownload. What alternatives does he have?

Leo says that Google Music has a similar service, but it's only 20,000 titles. Amazon has one that's unlimited, but he'd pay for it. Glacier is a good idea because it's cheap, but to restore it takes time. Glacier will also let him send in a hard drive. Leo advises local backup. Also, he should remember that the CD is a backup. He can always re-rip it. Microsoft offers unlimited storage on OneDrive if he uses Office 365.

Leo says that the best bet here is to have a few hard drive backups, with one off site.