How can I sync my NAS drive with Google Drive?

Episode 1134 (1:36:07)

Kevin from Ontario, Canada
Netgear Stora NAS

Kevin has a NetGear Stora NAS drive and it's not backing up the way he wants it to. He uses Google Drive and it's not syncing to it. Leo says that Google Drive is syncing to the local computer and not the NAS. If he sees the NAS mounted on his computer, then he should get the NAS and the local computer synced first. Since Kevin uses a Mac, Leo uses ChronoSync but Super Duper is good too. Once that's done, he can sync to the Google Drive from the local drive.

Kevin then wants to put Google Drive and sync it to Flickr. Leo says that Flickr is just for images, and he doesn't know of a way to go from Google Drive to Flickr directly. The chatroom says that If This Then That has a recipe for that: