How can I get a picture off my Android phone?

Episode 1134 (1:26:20)

Eric from Los Angeles, CA
Android phones and computer

Eric has an image on his Samsung Galaxy phone and he can't get it to his computer. Leo says the easiest way is to connect the phone via USB, and then his computer will see it's connected and give him an option to open it like a drive or view it like a camera. If he has a Mac, he'll need an app called Android File Transfer.

If it's a Windows computer, it will notice that the phone has been connected via USB, and it will show a notification that a USB device has been connected. It will present him with two choices: It can be viewable has a camera or as MTP. He should choose the regular USB connection, and then it will just show up as a drive. He can browse around to the download folder and copy the files right off of there.