How can I cut the cable with Xbox Media Center?

Episode 1134 (18:03)

Brian from Winterhaven, FL
HDHomeRun Prime

Brian has Verizon FIOS and he doesn't like the extra charges for every box. He's been thinking about cutting the cord. Leo says that there's a technology called MOCAA (Multimedia Over Coax Alliance), which allows all boxes on the same coax to get all of the data. TIVO and Media Extender support it, but it's not supported by Microsoft anymore, so there's no future there. Leo says to keep his XBox Media Extender for now, and when it comes to buying something else, he should check out TIVO Roamio, Slingbox, etc. Kodi (the new name for XBMC) is another option.

The HDHomeRun Prime is what Brian uses for his media center with a cable card. It works with the Xbox Media Extender to go out to the network. The Chatroom says it works with Kodi as well. So any device that supports Kodi will work and it will also work with Android and iOS. It supports DLNA, too. Leo says to get a Raspberry Pi running XBMC and let it run.