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Watch Brian from Winterhaven, FL Comments

Brian has Verizon FIOS and he doesn't like the extra charges for every box. He's been thinking about cutting the cord. Leo says that there's a technology called MOCAA (Multimedia Over Coax Alliance), which allows all boxes on the same coax to get all of the data. TIVO and Media Extender support it, but it's not supported by Microsoft anymore, so there's no future there. Leo says to keep his XBox Media Extender for now, and when it comes to buying something else, he should check out TIVO Roamio, Slingbox, etc. Kodi (the new name for XBMC) is another option.

The HDHomeRun Prime is what Brian uses for his media center with a cable card. It works with the Xbox Media Extender to go out to the network. The Chatroom says it works with Kodi as well. So any device that supports Kodi will work and it will also work with Android and iOS. It supports DLNA, too. Leo says to get a Raspberry Pi running XBMC and let it run.

Watch Neil from San Diego, CA Comments

Neil has a ton of family photographs that he'd like to digitize and share with the family, but he's not very computer literate. That's why Leo says to get a service to do it for him. Or he could get a computer and a negative and slide scanner. The Epson V600 Photo Scanner can do it, and it's $229. He'll want one that does 600 DPI or better and does negatives, slides, and prints. The modern Epson scanners will scan to the cloud and he could store them directly to Flickr or Microsoft's One Drive. That way they're in the cloud where family and friends can download them. But by the time he pays for all that, and factors in his time, he may as well have a service like Scan Cafe do it. They will also clean the negatives, color correct them, and scan them to him on CD. It's a great way to do it.

If he still wants to do it himself, Lomography makes a great smartphone film scanner. It does both negatives and slides. Nikon also makes a dedicated film scanner.

Chris Marquardt says that with that many slides and negatives, he'd have someone else do it because of error clean up and scratch removal. 5-10 minutes for one single image would just take too long. So he uses a service to do that work. It's worth the time and money. What does he scan at? Chris uses 1500-2000 for slides and negatives. 600-1200 for prints. But most values for scanning don't really do that and doing too much DPI just blows it up more than actually getting better resolution.

Chris says another option is to get a light table and then shoot it with a DSLR and a Macro lens. Then he'd get a 21mp image of his negative/slide.

Watch Dan from Maine Comments

Dan bought an iPhone 6 and he loves it, but he needs more battery life out of it. He's looking for a good external battery, but is overwhelmed by all of the options. Leo says unfortunately the iPhone has no removable battery, which is the tradeoff for it being so thin. The iPhone 6 battery life is better, but with the larger screen, it needs more juice. That's one of the reasons Leo likes the Samsung Galaxy Phones -- he can swap out the batteries with a backup. Many people use Mophie Cases, which have a battery built into them. But they make the phone quite a bit larger.

External batteries are a good option. He'll want one that has a decent mAh, like 5,000 mAh, which would be enough to charge the iPhone twice. Leo likes Anker and Jackery when it comes to external batteries. The Jackery Giant is a good one.

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Watch Tim from Upland, CA Comments

Tim wants a viewer for his Android phone that allows him to view SolidWorks 3D models. He uses one but it keeps crashing. He's moving to the iPad. Leo says it may be a memory issue, not a processor power issue. The crashing is happening when the model is too big for the model to load.

eDrawings is a good app for both Android and iOS that will do it.

Another option is to get a Windows Surface Pro 3. It'll have more memory and runs 64 bit, but it's not cheap. A high end tablet will do it, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Note Tab is an option, but the screen isn't as good. But the 12" has 3GB of RAM, as does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. The Lenovo Yoga is very good too, but it's only 32 bit. There's also the new Google Nexus 9 to consider.

Watch Greg from Glendora, CA Comments

Greg has an issue with Carbonite. He wants to transfer his data from one computer to another, and they want to handle it for him. Can he trust them to handle the data? Leo says that Greg can do it himself, but if he's not all that technically apt, then he can absolutely trust Carbonite.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Eric from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Eric has an image on his Samsung Galaxy phone and he can't get it to his computer. Leo says the easiest way is to connect the phone via USB, and then his computer will see it's connected and give him an option to open it like a drive or view it like a camera. If he has a Mac, he'll need an app called Android File Transfer.

If it's a Windows computer, it will notice that the phone has been connected via USB, and it will show a notification that a USB device has been connected. It will present him with two choices: It can be viewable has a camera or as MTP. He should choose the regular USB connection, and then it will just show up as a drive. He can browse around to the download folder and copy the files right off of there.

Watch Jennifer from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Jennifer is having a problem with her Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: it crashes when she uses social media apps. Leo says it's probably a good idea to update the OS. And it's also a good idea to do a clean restore.

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Watch Eric from Richland, WA Comments

Eric is starting an aerial photography business and he'd like to link videos on his site. What video portals are best? Leo says most people use YouTube because it's free, but it's ad supported. Vimeo Pro is better because you don't have to use ads and can use higher resolution video. Then you embed the video into your website. That way they can watch it without leaving your website. And they all use embed codes on it. Square Space will also support it without problem. Pay for the Vimeo pro service. It's worth it.

Watch Kevin from Ontario, Canada Comments

Kevin has a NetGear Stora NAS drive and it's not backing up the way he wants it to. He uses Google Drive and it's not syncing to it. Leo says that Google Drive is syncing to the local computer and not the NAS. If he sees the NAS mounted on his computer, then he should get the NAS and the local computer synced first. Since Kevin uses a Mac, Leo uses ChronoSync but Super Duper is good too. Once that's done, he can sync to the Google Drive from the local drive.

Kevin then wants to put Google Drive and sync it to Flickr. Leo says that Flickr is just for images, and he doesn't know of a way to go from Google Drive to Flickr directly. The chatroom says that If This Then That has a recipe for that:

Watch Melinda from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Melinda is looking for a home page that she can customize for her own use. Leo says that iGoogle worked great, but it disappeared. There are third party options out there like Protopage. MyYahoo also still works.

Watch Rob from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Rob was using Adobe Premiere to edit his video, but he ran into problems when his external hard drive gets unplugged. Leo says that if a hard drive suddenly gets disconnected, OS X doesn't like it. Modern operating systems use a journaling setup that will save up a bunch of data before it writes to the hard drive. That's why OS X wants him to eject the drive first before disconnecting. When he disconnects while the hard drive is writing, then the hard drive writes a kind of 'word salad' to the hard drive that could corrupt it. He'll need some recovery software that can fix the file table. And he'll lose some of it even if he does recover it.

Watch Charles from Colton, CA Comments

Charles' iPad is locked. He's tried the hard restart, but it stops at the black screen with the white Apple logo. Leo thinks that it's just not charged enough. He recommends charging it for a few hours with an iPad charger. Absent that, then the only choice is to take it to the Apple Store. If the iPad was locked out because of a password issue, he may be stuck.

Watch Walter from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Walter wants to downgrade to iOS 7 but Apple says he can't. Leo says that's right. There's no going back. There used to be a loophole to restore to iOS 7, but it won't work because Apple stopped signing iOS 7 and he won't be able to activate it. Leo does recommend talking to a Genius at the Apple Store. They may know some "secret sauce." Otherwise his only option may be to jailbreak it.