How can I get Windows 8.1 to boot on my Asus computer?

Episode 1133 (1:30:34)

Stan from Colton, CA
Asus notebook

Stan is having trouble with Windows 8.1 on his Asus computer because it's locking up when he boots. Geek Squad can't fix it, either. He reinstalled Windows 8.0 and it works just fine. Leo says that there's probably something incompatible in the video card drivers for version 8.1.

Stan should go to the Asus website and get the latest video card drivers. He can also try booting up in safe mode with networking. If it appears, then it's definitely a video driver issue. To get into Safe Mode, he should restart the computer using the power button. While it's starting, hold down shift + F8. That will put him into the "Windows Recovery Environment." He can select 'troubleshoot' there, and select a different mode.

Here's an article from HowToGeek on how to do it -