What phone should I get to replace my old iPhone 4S?

Episode 1132 (1:40:47)

Barbara from Westwood, CA
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Barbara dropped her old iPhone and now she needs to get a new phone. She wants something simple that will be easy to use. What should she get? Leo sent his mom the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It has a simple mode which is nice. But Leo doesn't recommend Android to electronically challenged users.

Barb has been using an iPhone for awhile and Leo says she should just get another one. It's got one of the best cameras out there and since Barb loves to take pictures of her grandkids, that's probably the best bet. The iPhone 6 Plus is about the size as the Galaxy Note at 5.5", and Leo says that kind of screen is great for Barbara. Another option is a Windows phone. The Nokia Lumia has a great camera and is very easy to use.