How can I backup terabytes of data to the cloud?

Episode 1132 (2:01:54)

Karen from Diamond Bar, CA
Cloud backup

Karen is looking for a good backup solution and Google Drive has been a bit of a headache for her. She has several terabytes of data. Leo says that's the problem right there. Backing up data takes a long time and we have to be reasonable on what we can store online.

Carbonite will send her a hard drive that she can backup her data to if she asks. Then she would send the drive back, and Carbonite would make it accessible online. Karen can also buy a 3TB hard drive, copy all the data and bring it off site herself. She can get two and swap them out every other week. Carbonite backup is really for small amounts of data.

Microsoft is giving unlimited storage with Office 365 subscriptions. But the data issue for Karen means it's best to use an external hard drive to back it up.