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Episode 1132 November 2, 2014

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Audience Questions

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Watch Carlos from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Carlos wants to know if his iPhone can pair to multiple bluetooth devices. Leo says yes! It's been a standard capability for awhile in smartphones now. Leo also recommends over the ear bluetooth headphones.

Motorola makes great wireless headphones, as does LG. The Motorola S10HD are about $40, and they go around the neck and house the batteries for longer battery life. He'll also want headphones that support the high quality stereo profile called 'A2DP.'

Watch Max from Milpitas, CA Comments

Max found out that someone connected to his Wi-Fi network, which concerns him because he has a login key to prevent it. Leo says that Google backs up Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to its servers unless he disables it. It's meant for convenience, but it does mean that Google knows his Wi-Fi password. It's not likely that Google would do anything with it, though. It is important to note though that it would have to be stored unencrypted. But it's not really that much of a concern. It's more likely that someone got in with a brute force attack.

Watch Mike from Corona, CA Comments

Mike would like to have a cellphone that he can use over multiple carriers. Leo says that while everyone is moving to LTE and Voice Over LTE, we're not there yet. Half the phones are CDMA, the other are GSM. Verizon has a SIM card for modern LTE supported phones that will work over any network except Sprint. And the phones are unlocked by FCC mandate. So that's probably Mike's best bet.

If his phone doesn't have a SIM slot, then it's a CDMA only carrier. The iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are likely the best phones for what Mike wants to do. Leo recommends starting with the carrier he wants, then choose a phone.

Watch Richard from Placentia, CA Comments

Richard just bought a new Dell computer and he wants to know if he should change his settings from administrator to standard user. Leo says that a bad guy has the same level of permissions as he has. So if he's an admin, he's letting a bad guy potentially do whatever he wants. If he runs as a limited user, then they can't do anything that an administrator password is required for. He will need to authenticate with the admin password. That's what being just a standard user buys him -- an extra level of protection. Leo says that the kids should definitely be standard users.

Watch Richard from Placentia, CA Comments

Leo says yes, Microsoft requires an account. He can pay monthly or yearly. It's $69 for a year, which is very cheap. He could buy Office and not have an account, but in the long run, Office 365 is a good deal.

Watch Kevin from Orange, CA Comments

Kevin is wondering if he should install NOD32 on his Windows 8.1 computer. Leo says it isn't necessary, since Windows 8 now comes with antivirus built-in.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Kevin from Orange County, CA Comments

Kevin is looking for a camera/camcorder option that can record video and take stills at the same time. Leo says that most cameras can do that today. He's also wondering about taking photos at distances over 50 feet. Leo says he likes Olympus. They have the Stylus Sp-100 with the Eagle Eye 50x optical zoom.

Leo took the Nikon Coolpix P600 to the 49ers game and the quality is quite impressive. Just remember that at extreme distances, it can be hard to hold still. So he should bring a tripod or monopod. The Canon ELPH is another good option.

Check out the images Leo shot at Leoville on Flickr.

Watch Jackson from Monrovia, CA Comments

Jackson is having trouble uploading his documents onto his school network via his iPhone and iPad. It will only let him upload photos. Leo says that's by design. On iPhone and iPad, he can only access files from the program that created them. So it won't let him upload anything from anywhere, only in the app he's using. This helps keep iOS secure.

Watch Wayne from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Wayne says that the Americans with Disabilities Act will act as a guideline for websites to get sued for not catering to users with disabilities. That's what happened to H&R Block. So Wayne wants to warn commercial website users that they could get sued. Leo says that when creating a website, it behooves you to make a site as accessible as possible.

Watch Mark from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Mark bought a Dell Desktop with Windows 8 and downgraded to Windows 7. But his USB 3 hard drive isn't working right when waking from sleep, even after he's re-installed the drivers. He has to reboot the computer to get it to read the hard drive.

Leo says to check out the USB Root Hub. He should make sure that the checkbox "wake from sleep" is enabled (checked). Otherwise it won't wake up.

Watch Mark from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Leo says this would just be different. Instead of being a local drive to his computer, it would become a network mounted drive. Copying files would go over the Wi-Fi network, which would be fairly slow compared to being plugged into directly to the computer. The advantage is that the drive would become accessible to other computers on the network, turning it into a NAS, or Network Attached Storage.

Watch Art from Roland Heights, CA Comments

Art wants to convert his Hi8 tapes to DVD. Leo says he'll need an analog to digital converter to do it. He'll connect the camera to the Analog to Digital Converter. FireWire would be better than USB. USB can work, but it's compressed. Leo suggests the Grass Valley ADVC110 Converter.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Barbara from Westwood, CA Comments

Barbara dropped her old iPhone and now she needs to get a new phone. She wants something simple that will be easy to use. What should she get? Leo sent his mom the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It has a simple mode which is nice. But Leo doesn't recommend Android to electronically challenged users.

Barb has been using an iPhone for awhile and Leo says she should just get another one. It's got one of the best cameras out there and since Barb loves to take pictures of her grandkids, that's probably the best bet. The iPhone 6 Plus is about the size as the Galaxy Note at 5.5", and Leo says that kind of screen is great for Barbara. Another option is a Windows phone. The Nokia Lumia has a great camera and is very easy to use.

Watch Dan from Chesapeake, VA Comments

Dan has two separate phones, an LG G3 and an HTC One on T-Mobile, with two separate SIMs ( a micro and a nano), and two separate lines. He can't figure out how to send multi media text messages in Google Voice. Leo says that Google just recently decided to support MMS, but it may have not happened yet and Verizon doesn't support it. T-Mobile does though, and Dan uses both.

Leo says that Google doesn't want him to use the Google Voice App anymore. They are pushing people toward using the Hangouts app. That should solve the problem. He can make calls from Hangouts, so that could be a nail in the coffin for Google Voice.

Watch Mike from Bath, Maine Comments

Mike is going to South Korea and needs to download maps to use. Leo says that using a smartphone may be the best option. If he buys a separate GPS, he can order maps and install them via USB. Mike says that Korean GPS are terrible. has maps for South Korea that works with Garmin GPS.

Watch Karen from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Karen is looking for a good backup solution and Google Drive has been a bit of a headache for her. She has several terabytes of data. Leo says that's the problem right there. Backing up data takes a long time and we have to be reasonable on what we can store online.

Carbonite will send her a hard drive that she can backup her data to if she asks. Then she would send the drive back, and Carbonite would make it accessible online. Karen can also buy a 3TB hard drive, copy all the data and bring it off site herself. She can get two and swap them out every other week. Carbonite backup is really for small amounts of data.

Microsoft is giving unlimited storage with Office 365 subscriptions. But the data issue for Karen means it's best to use an external hard drive to back it up.

Watch Brett from Woodbridge, MO Comments

Brett wants to know if there's an app that can help with Chromecast and incompatible apps. Leo says that AllCast will do it. He can also open the stream in the browser and cast that tab to the Chromecast.

Miracast has been around for awhile, but the problem is that casting to tabs is in beta. Leo advises getting a Roku.

Watch Doug from Sacramento, CA Comments

Doug ordered a new iPhone 6 Plus. He has his old iPhone 4 backed up. He also has his Samsung phone backed up. He wants to restore the apps he had from his old iPhone, and his calendars and contacts from the Samsung, to the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Leo says backup the iPhone 4 to iTunes and restore it to his new iPhone. Then sync the contacts to Google and log into his Google account on the iPhone 6 Plus. It'll sync and his contacts and calendars will be there.